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Why our dentists love taking digital impressions

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At Ringley Park Dental Practice we love to have the latest digital dental technology to provide the very best and most comfortable care for our patients. This is especially true when it comes to taking digital impressions and offering same-day CEREC® dental restorations.

We know that our patients really appreciate the benefits of digital impression taking using the latest intraoral cameras. No more messy, uncomfortable impression materials or waiting days for a crown to be made. But what do our dentists think about the intraoral scanners they now use every day and the benefits they bring to our patients?

Fast and accurate digital scanning

At Ringley Park our dentists use two types of intraoral scanner - the CEREC Omnicam and the revolutionary Primescan. So what makes this equipment so special? Our dentists Henk Freek, Simon Burgess and Steve Moulder all use the technology every day in practice and explain why they love it!

“Patients’ stress levels drop dramatically when they have a digital intraoral scan rather than a conventional impression. They become involved in the design process of their restoration and feel a sense of ownership over it as well.

“There’s no unpleasant rubber impression materials pressing on the back of the throat that can make some patients gag, and the whole process is much cleaner and faster.

“Sending the digital scans directly to our CEREC machine to create a dental restoration, means it’s possible for treatment to be completed on the same day which is so valuable to many busy patients. The scanner also acts as a camera, which is great for educating our patients about their treatment, as the images can be displayed in full colour on a screen by the dental chair.

“The accuracy of Primescan is excellent. We can scan the entire mouth in fine detail in just a few minutes thanks to its imaging sensor. Best of all our patients get really excited about their treatment with such amazing technology, making dentistry so much easier for both them and for us.”

CEREC Omnicam and Primescan are radically changing the treatment options we can offer, and in many cases, treatment can be completed in just one visit. Unprecedented accuracy, patient comfort and same-day dentistry - what’s not to like?

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Would you like to find out more about intraoral scanners and same-day dentistry?

Our expert team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the latest digital dental technology. Talk to us next time you visit the practice or call us today to book an appointment on 01737 240123.


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