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We would be happy to help with any account queries you may have.

Your teeth are an investment for life. It is important to understand that every treatment plan is uniquely tailored with each patient’s specific needs taken into account. We consider your desired outcome, budget and time expectations. Within reason, we can discuss various options and adapt your treatment accordingly, or even assist with the cost by budgeting over a period of months while you are under treatment with us.

What makes Ringley Park different?

  • We take our time to care for you individually.
  • The materials we choose to use are of a premium quality.
  • Our high level of experience and clinical expertise is continuously being advanced through professional development and postgraduate training.
  • We invest in new technologies so that our patients can receive the latest techniques using state-of-the-art equipment, providing better results.

Don’t postpone your treatment over costs – we are here to help, so come and talk to us.


New Patient Consultation*

*Fee excludes x-rays, which may be necessary in some cases. If required x-rays will be charged, starting from £27 each.

Routine Exam £142.00
Implant Consultation £160.00
Restorative/cosmetic consultation £160.00
Periodontal consultation £215.00
Endodontic Consultation from £179.00
Teeth Whitening (excluding x-ray fee) Initial Meeting with Treatment Coordinator Complimentary
Teeth Straightening (excluding x-ray fee) Initial Meeting with Treatment Coordinator Complimentary
CT Scan from £175.00
X-Rays from £27.00


Fillings from £209.00 – £418.00
Crowns/veneers from £1,540.00
Initial non-surgical periodontal treatment £578.00 – £1,156.00
Surgical periodontal treatment from £723.00
Implant restored with crown from £3,865.00
Dentures from £1,760.00
CAD/CAM Restoration (CEREC®) from £922.00
Root Canal Treatments from £1,205.00
Teeth Whitening (case dependent) from £545.00
Hygienist Treatments from £102.00 – £204.00

Further details are available upon request. However, your treatment plan will always give the cost of any proposed treatment.

The prices shown are for guidance only and are subject to confirmation. All fees are subject to change.