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Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces are the most commonly used braces and are suitable for all ages. The system is very flexible and allows treatment of the entire mouth or just small sections of teeth.

With this system of treatment, small square or triangular attachments known as brackets are cemented to the teeth. A series of wires are used to gradually influence the position of the teeth and achieve a rounded arch form and improved occlusion (how the teeth meet in contact).

Wearing retainers at the end of treatment is essential to maintain the final result. Teeth do have the tendency to want to relapse back towards their original position. There are different types of retainers that are available, which your dentist will thoroughly discuss with you.

Keeping teeth very clean, and having excellent oral hygiene, is essential during orthodontic treatment with fixed wires. Most patients in fixed orthodontics are advised to see a hygienist regularly.

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