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Also known as ‘false teeth’ or ‘dental prosthetics’, dentures are a traditional option for replacing missing teeth. You can have either a partial denture, if you still have some of your natural teeth, or a complete set of dentures to replace one or both of your arches.

Why get dentures?

  • Dentures can help you eat foods again that you might have missed since losing your teeth.
  • Missing teeth can affect your self-confidence and replacing them with dentures can help you feel happier during social and professional interactions.
  • Dentures help support facial tissues, so you won’t have facial sagging that can make you look older than you are.
  • Your speech can be hindered by gaps or the absence of teeth in your mouth, so dentures can restore your natural speech pattern.
  • Dentures are less costly than other, permanent, restorative options such as implants.
  • Modern dentures can be made to match your gums and facial features so they look very natural.
  • Dentures can be fixed onto implants for added stability in the mouth and to remove the need for adhesive.

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