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If you’re a parent, you will constantly be on the look-out for products and services which are tailored to children to keep them healthy, happy and engaged. This can be easy enough when it comes to clothes shopping, or booking a day out, but what about the essentials, such as school shoe fittings, eye tests or going to the dentist, which are often a chore to children, or even worse a source of dread?

It’s incredibly important to start early when taking your child to the dentist. ‘Dental Check by One’ is a joint initiative from the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and the Chief Dental Officer, promoting the fact that children should be taken to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears, and definitely before their 1st birthday. This will get them used to visiting the practice, to the smell and atmosphere of the surgery and will help establish a positive association with routine dental check-ups and a good oral health routine.

Achieving this can be so much easier if you enlist the help of a child-friendly dentist such as Ringley Park Dental Practice.

Your local child friendly dentist in Reigate
Here at Ringley Park, we are lucky to have our very own Specialist Paediatric Dentist, Maalini Patel who specialises in treating children and helping them feel at ease. Maalini has extensive knowledge of how to treat childhood dental issues and is loved by our young patients for her friendly and reassuring manner.

She is also a passionate advocate of teaching children about good oral hygiene, knowing that establishing good routines when young, will set children up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and positive visits to the dentist.

With the current reduction in access to hospital-based paediatric dentistry due to the pandemic, it’s been harder for children to receive much-needed, specialist paediatric dental care. Thanks to Maalini, Ringley Park is one of only a very small number of dental practices in our area able to provide this specialist service outside a hospital setting.

Nervous child?
Our team at Reigate has undertaken extra training in order to better anticipate, understand and calm the fears nervous patients may face. This includes treating children with special needs, who may be particularly anxious about visiting the dentist.

Thanks to our additional training, we employ a range of proven techniques which will help your child feel happy in our care, so that they will always be happy to attend regular check-ups at which we can monitor their teeth and act quickly should any problems start to develop.

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Just under half of parents in the UK said their children had missed a dental check-up since March 2020, according to an Opinium survey undertaken in September 2020 for the Association of Dental Groups (ADG). The survey of 2,000 people included 622 parents, 44% of whom had either decided not to go for a check-up or could not access an appointment since the pandemic had begun.

We want to encourage parents to make sure children don’t suffer from tooth decay because of the pandemic. Despite the restrictions, Ringley Park Dental Practice is open and safe and ready to welcome your children to the practice. If you’d like to know more about the COVID-safe measures we have in place, you can find full details on our home page, but please rest assured that we are taking every possible measure to keep all our patients and staff safe.

If you’d like to book an appointment, you can choose a convenient time online, or call us on 01737 240123.