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A new way of taking dental impressions

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Ringley Park Dental Practice is committed to using the latest in digital dentistry technology to treat you with the highest levels of comfort, while achieving the best possible clinical outcomes.

We all recognise that having impressions taken can be an unpleasant aspect of dental treatment. We understand that many patients find this procedure uncomfortable, but fortunately digital technology has provided an answer.

Our CEREC® intra oral scanners enable us to take dental impressions using a digital camera. This equipment is capable of taking thousands of hi-resolution images which are automatically ‘stitched together’ in the software to create a 3-dimensional image of your teeth and gums.

This system is fast, reliable and above all, highly accurate. The scan can be checked whilst you are still in the chair, meaning that we can eliminate the risk of needing you to return to have the impression re-taken.

Digital is quicker, more comfortable and more accurate

The speed and comfort of intra oral scanning contrasts sharply with the experience of having a traditional impression taken.

Intra oral scanning is a clean, fast process. You can breathe and swallow normally while the digital impression is being taken, and we can even pause the procedure if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, making it ideal for nervous patients. A digital full-mouth scan doesn’t take much longer than a minute – so you’ll appreciate spending less time sitting in the chair as well as having a more comfortable experience.

The accuracy and detail of a digital scan compares favourably with conventional impressions. The advanced software converts the digital impression into a 3-dimensional virtual model on the computer screen. The image can be rotated, so we can view the situation from every angle and the full colour, 3D, magnified image makes it possible to see an extremely high level of detail, letting us show you any problems there may be and so helping you understand our treatment recommendations.

At Ringley Park we have invested in the latest technology available in dentistry, so that we are able to deliver the best possible and most comfortable care to all our patients.

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Intra oral scanning at Ringley Park

Ask about Ringley Park’s intra oral scanning next time you’re in the practice or call us to book an appointment on 01737 240123.


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