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In the wake of Smile Direct Club’s recent collapse, it is clear that online dentistry does not offer treatment that you can rely on. As the company’s customers are now being told to seek immediate care from their local dentist, this is an important reminder that your local dentist is the only place to go for safe and consistent care. We thought we’d take this as an opportunity to write a blog that explores all of the reasons why your local dentist is so important.

What we learnt from Smile Direct Club’s collapse

Whether you were personally affected or read about it in the news, the recent closure of Smile Direct Club has left many people in the lurch. For those who aren’t familiar, Smile Direct Club was a teledentistry company that produced 3D-printed clear aligners based on impressions taken at home. Marketed as a convenient competitor to traditional braces and other clear aligner options like Invisalign, Smile Direct Club was widely criticised due to the complicated nature of teeth straightening and the lack of careful monitoring in a clinical environment. As the company filed for bankruptcy and closed down in December 2023, the lasting advice for customers was to “contact your local dentist at the earliest opportunity for tailored advice,” reinforcing the importance of trusting your local dentist with cosmetic dentistry.

Why your local dentist is so important

1.    They get to know you

The whole point of having a local dentist is that you go to them for all your regular dental care. Most people require at least one check-up per year, depending on oral health status, and multiple hygiene appointments to ensure that your teeth and gums stay clean and healthy. These appointments mean that your local dental professionals get to know you, any health issues you might have, and they will be able to spot any warning signs and changes as soon as they occur. This is especially important when you consider that oral health has been linked to systemic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and respiratory illnesses. Visiting your local dentist for all of your dental care makes it easy to stay on top of your health and prevent problems before they develop.

 2.    They are there when you need them

Virtual dental care might sound convenient if you have a busy lifestyle, but it doesn’t prove very helpful when you have an emergency. The importance of emergency dental care was only further illustrated during the COVID-19 pandemic when dentists were forced to close and the number of hospital attendances for dental emergencies increased. The convenience of being able to book an appointment at your local dentist when you need it should not be overlooked. Also, knowing that your dentist is easily accessible makes it easy to keep up with your regular check-ups and stay on top of your health.

3.    They offer a wide range of treatments

There is a lot of peace of mind to be had in knowing that your local dentist offers a complete range of treatments – from general dentistry to orthodontics and dental implants. This means that you receive holistic oral care from dental professionals that are already familiar with you and your oral health. When you opt to receive cosmetic dentistry treatments from a separate dentist (let alone virtually, as with Smile Direct Club), they may not be familiar with your dental history and the potential problems this may present during your treatment.

4.    They offer cosmetic treatments you know you can trust

Your teeth aren’t something to be taken for granted, they are critical to your ability to eat, talk, smile and laugh with confidence. Therefore, you should have high standards for your oral care and opt for highly experienced dental professionals that prioritise safe, reliable care. If you decide you require a cosmetic treatment, be it whitening, veneers or teeth straightening, it makes sense to do it via a dentist that has already earned your trust and that you know has a responsibility to keep your teeth healthy in the long term.

Whether you are a patient that has been left hanging following Smile Direct’s Club’s closure, or you are simply considering improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry, we are a highly professional private dental practice in Reigate that offers a wide range of treatments to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.


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