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Excellent hygiene is second nature to dental practices, and at Ringley Park, Reigate we pride ourselves on our very stringent cleaning and disinfection processes, which keep our environment safe for our patients and staff.

Concerns about hygiene in all areas of life have become particularly significant this year and we’d like to reassure you that our aim is to keep the risk of disease transmission at its absolute lowest.

When it comes to taking impressions of your teeth, we use digital technology, to make the procedure as swift and hygienic as possible.

What are digital impressions?
When we’re planning treatments or even diagnosing the exact cause of a dental issue, we may need to take an impression of your teeth. The traditional method involves inserting a tray of impression material and asking you to bite down. The material sets and forms a mould of your teeth – usually two trays are required: one for the upper teeth and another for the lower. If you’ve ever had an impression taken you may remember it can be rather an uncomfortable, messy experience.

That’s why at Ringley Park, we’ve gone digital! Where possible, we use an intraoral scanner – a digital camera on the end of a wand – which we use to scan your teeth, normally within a minute. It’s faster and less messy than the traditional method and our patients love it.

Digital impressions are:

  • More hygienic Our CEREC® Omnicam intraoral scanner comes with sleeves that can be easily cleaned and disinfected – or we can use disposable sleeves and throw them away after each use.
  • More comfortable No gagging on impression trays full of claggy material and no uncomfortable wait for it to set. Just a quick scan with a small digital camera.
  • Very accurate And on top of all of that, digital impressions tend to be more accurate, as the technology is very advanced and gives us high resolution, full-colour 3D scans of your teeth. Plus, we can check the scan whilst you’re still with us in the surgery, so if there are any problems we can rectify them straight away, so you don’t need to be recalled for the impression to be retaken.

We believe that our investment in digital equipment is improving the quality of the dental care we can offer to our patients, so we’ll keep updating you on the new techniques we are using.

If you’d like to book an appointment, you can choose a convenient time online, or call us on 01737 240123.