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On July 1st the UK government launched the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme. Backed by £12million, the programme offers free online support from GPs and other primary care teams. The programme is aimed especially at adults living with obesity who also have a diagnosis of either diabetes or high blood pressure. The objective being to help this group achieve and maintain a healthy weight in order to improve their overall wellbeing.

Nearly two thirds of UK adults are classed as being overweight and the costs of obesity to the NHS is rising fast – in 2014/15 the cost was £6.1billion and this figure is predicted to rise to £9.7billion by the year 2050.

One of the main contributors to poor general health is a diet which is high in processed food, sugars and saturated fats and this is exactly the type of diet that has also been linked to oral health issues such as periodontitis, gum disease, tooth loss and bad breath.

With increasing evidence of a link between poor oral health and poor general health, having a balanced diet, with reduced amounts of sugar, will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums and keep your weight under control.

Altering your diet is one of the easiest ways to improve all aspects of your health. The Public Health England Eatwell Guide has been published to ensure that people are more aware of exactly what they should be eating in order to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The guide offers information on making healthy food and drink choices and gives tips and ideas on how to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. One of the best ways to ensure that you are eating a balanced diet is to cook meals for yourself, at home and the Eatwell Guide also offers simple and nutritious recipes to help build your home cooking confidence!

The mouth and body are intrinsically linked and at Ringley Park Dental Practice we are firmly behind any initiative that makes the general public more aware of how to reduce sugar and choose healthy food and drink options.

If you have any questions about how your diet can affect your oral health, please ask the hygienist or dentist next time you visit us.

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