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Dental crowns are one of the most common procedures in dentistry, used to enhance smiles and strengthen weakened teeth. You or someone you know will likely have a crown fitted during their lifetime, with procedures traditionally taking place over more than one appointment, across different days.

Thanks to modern technology, this is now changing with the invention of same-day crowns. A treatment offered at Ringley Park, choosing this way to fit your crown provides you with many benefits. Here, we delve into the reasons to consider getting a same-day crown and what the process involves.

How we make and fit crowns in a day
The traditional way of fitting a crown can be quite time-consuming, but why is this the case? When you have a crown, your dentist will need to follow certain steps, starting with examining and preparing the area and placing a temporary crown on your first visit. An impression will be taken, which is sent to a dental laboratory. There, they’ll create your crown, send it back to your dentist, and they will call you back in to fit it. This entire process can often take weeks.

Same-day crowns follow similar steps but, aided by digital technology, the process is speeded up and made more comfortable. Using advanced CAD/CAM systems, in our case CEREC®, we can scan the area, design the crown, and fit it within hours on the same day.

Increased accuracy and lasting results
We already know that a huge benefit of same-day crowns is the dramatically shortened timescales, but what about the final result?
Another benefit of digital software is its incredible accuracy. Detailed scans and intuitive software enable us to create highly accurate crowns that fit beautifully within the mouth and give you a natural aesthetic. CEREC crowns are also known for their strength, which gives you the confidence to continue your life as normal, without worrying about cracking or damaging your crown down the line.

What to expect on the day

Digital software is at the heart of same-day crowns, but here’s how the process looks in more detail:

  • Using an intraoral scanner, we digitally scan the area with a special camera inside the mouth. This is a quick process that takes a matter of seconds.
  • The images taken are uploaded directly to the CEREC software programme.
  • As you sit in the chair, the dentist designs your crown using the software and highly accurate images of your mouth.
  • You will be able to relax in the waiting room while the crown is created in-house, in our state-of-the-art milling centre.
  • A little while later, you’ll be called back in, and your dentist will fit your brand-new permanent crown.

Fast, aesthetic and natural, same-day crowns are the perfect solution for those who are time-poor, looking for a perfect smile, or simply don’t want to wait extended periods for their new crown.

To find out more about CEREC same-day crowns at Ringley Park contact us at 01737 240123 or book your appointment here.