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At Ringley Park Dental Practice in Surrey we strive to ensure that our patients are always treated with the very best and up-to-date dental equipment. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce one of our latest pieces of digital technology – the Carestream CS 1500 intraoral camera.

Intraoral cameras have become a pivotal part of routine dental treatment. These tiny, powerful cameras can show your hygienist or dentist every aspect of your teeth and gums in incredible detail, revealing cracked or chipped teeth, excessive wear, areas of decay or other issues that can otherwise be hard to spot with the naked eye. Any procedure using an intraoral camera does not cause any pain or discomfort and has no side-effects.

Crystal clear images

The Carestream CS 1500 delivers precise, true-to-life digital images with every shot, delivering more accurate diagnoses so we can treat you faster and help prevent any future problems. The camera – featuring the industry’s highest still image resolution – travels easily around the mouth, with no mess or powder. This allows its unique liquid lens technology, that works just like the human eye, to capture clear, high-definition digital images.

As the hygienist or dentist uses the camera, the images are projected instantly to a full-colour screen where you can also take a detailed look at what’s going on in your mouth. This means you are seeing exactly what your hygienist or dentist can see – giving you a better and clearer understanding of your oral health, helping you to visualise any issues and fully understand your treatment plan.

With just one camera our hygienists or dentist can perform both intra- and extra-oral examinations, capture still images or videos and share them straight away. The digital images can, if necessary, be uploaded to a dental laboratory or other specialists who are part of your treatment plan, and can be stored electronically and securely in your patient notes.

Digital technology is revolutionising today’s dental treatment and our expert team is always on hand with the best equipment to provide outstanding care and appropriate oral health advice.

Ask us about Ringley Park’s intraoral camera next time you visit the practice or call us today to book an appointment on 01737 240123.

Keep smiling at Ringley Park

Attending regular check-ups means that we can keep an eye on the condition of your teeth and spot any signs of decay early, so we can act quickly.

To help our patients budget for check-ups and any scaling and polishing required, we offer the Denplan Essentials care plan, which covers your regular check-ups, X-rays (when clinically required) and hygienist appointments for a set monthly fee. Denplan Essentials can keep you smiling, safe in the knowledge that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you – dental or financial!

Call us today on 01737 240123 to book a check-up appointment or find out more about how to join Denplan Essentials.