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When you visit our Specialists at Ringley Park you want the very best treatment, and that’s why our specialist clinicians demand the very best equipment.

We are always looking to adopt the latest technology when we feel it will benefit patients and we are delighted with the latest addition to our ‘armoury’ of state-of-the art dental technology: a DP Medical Global A4 floor standing microscope with multi-focus objective lens.

The new A-Series™ microscope is one of the best available today, setting a new standard in dental microscopy. It has been designed to significantly improve visualisation, which means we can diagnose problems earlier, making them easier to treat effectively.

Benefits for patients
Here at Ringley Park our whole team is excited about the improvements that the new microscope brings. Patients can now view live images, agree on the best possible solution together with their clinician and then clearly see the results of treatment.

The microscope’s futuristic design incorporates an AXIS Control System™ which means it is also much easier to position and control, so we can obtain the best viewing position much more quickly than was possible before. The ergonomics is much improved, allowing a more comfortable procedure for both patients and clinicians.

Advanced Endodontics
Other benefits include images delivered in superb detail, thanks to high magnification and the brightest LED light source available. Identifying complex anatomy and hidden features such as secondary canals becomes easier. Complex endodontic procedures, for example, revision of root canal treatment that has previously been performed without magnification, yields a better outcome with the aid of an endodontic microscope. Root tip surgery (apicoectomy) carried out with a microsurgery approach, in conjunction with the surgical operating microscope, leads to higher chances of success, allowing the retention of teeth that might otherwise be considered unsalvageable. It is also great for providing photographic documentation, so we are able to clearly record progress through each stage of treatment. Our Specialist Endodontist Federico Foschi has been impressed by the improved precision and clear sharp images that the new system provides. “I have been working with DP medical and Global microscopes for a decade and with each upgrade of their endodontic microscope series a new, higher level of endodontic precision and working comfort is attained.”

Perfect Periodontics
Similarly, Periodontal Specialists Paul Barnes and Omar Patel are excited at the prospect of using the new microscope and confident its use will improve patient care. For example, the greater clarity delivered by the microscope helps to minimise the amount of surgery required, great news for patients as it reduces both discomfort and healing time.

By investing in ground-breaking technology such as the A-Series™ microscope Ringley Park continues its commitment to providing a completely patient-focussed treatment that is generally not only faster, but also more accurate and more comfortable, resulting in faster recovery times.

If you would like to book an appointment or you have any questions about your treatment with us, you can choose a convenient time online, or call us today on 01737 240123 and one of our friendly team will be only too happy to help.