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It’s no secret that we are big fans of dental implants here at Ringley Park Dental Practice. Where clinically appropriate we always recommend that patients who are missing teeth, consider having a crown, bridge or denture that is secured into the mouth by implants, as this is the closest you can get to feeling you have your natural teeth back again.

Made from titanium, which is historically evidenced as being well tolerated by the body, dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots which are fixed into the jaw. Over time, the jawbone grows around the surface of the implant, providing a stable anchorage. Natural-looking replacement teeth are then securely attached to the implant, in the form of a crown, bridge or denture.

In essence, implant-retained replacement teeth look, feel and function just like your natural teeth, enabling you to speak clearly, eat freely and smile with confidence again. They can be truly life-changing for those who have struggled with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures for years, or those who have recently suffered tooth loss.

Rejuvenate more than your teeth

Another lesser known but very positive side-effect of replacing missing teeth with implants is the age-defying effect it can have on your face.

Bones are strengthened by physical stimulus, which for the jawbone means the physical force exerted on it via your tooth roots when biting and chewing. When a tooth is missing, the bone in that section of the jaw no longer has the stimulus and it starts slowly breaking down in a process called resorption. Ongoing bone loss can eventually affect the appearance of your facial bone structure which can lead to unsightly sagging and an older appearance.

The gap left by missing teeth can also cause your remaining teeth to spread, resulting in uneven spacing and the possibility of more serious complications in the future, which may require more extensive dental treatment.

Dental implants restore that all-important stimulus from the tooth to the jawbone which causes the jawbone to rebuild around the implant. As a result, you will have not only a beautiful and strong full set of teeth again, but also no worries about losing facial bone structure or spreading teeth.

If you are missing teeth in any part of your mouth, don’t delay in getting in touch to discuss dental implants. You’ll be amazed at the life-changing effect they can have!

If you would like to book an appointment or you have any questions about your treatment with us, you can choose a convenient time online, or call us today on 01737 240123 and one of our friendly team will be only too happy to help.