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As finances continue to be squeezed, finding common sense ways to manage monthly budgets and outgoings becomes more important than ever. Most have heard about dental plans, and although NHS treatment is still an option, dental plans offer a sensible, affordable alternative, allowing you to prioritise your oral health and your finances. Here, we look at the benefits dental plans provide, and the headline details on Ringley Park’s Denplan Essentials Plan.

It makes financial sense
The new year is often a time to look at budgets and find ways to live better and more economically. Unexpected dental treatments, even on the NHS, can be a huge drain on monthly finances, especially if you need a filling, root canal treatment or even if you want to explore elective treatments like teeth whitening.

One of the huge positives of the Ringley Park Denplan Essentials Plan is that it covers your necessary yearly appointments with one manageable monthly payment. This includes your dental check-ups, hygienist appointments and X-Rays when clinically required. Patients get a 10% discount on most elective treatments too, allowing you to budget for your dental work across the board.

It protects your dental health
Poor dental health is a significant problem in the UK. Recent studies show that almost 40% of adults don’t see the dentist regularly, 66% of people have visible plaque, and poor oral health in children is one of the biggest causes of missed school days and trips to the hospital for emergency dental treatments.

There are many reasons behind troubling stats like this, ranging from difficulty in getting appointments on the NHS or simply forgetting to prioritise them. The beauty of a dental plan is that you don’t have long waits to see your dentist when needed, or for your regular appointments. You’ll also have continuity of care, seeing your chosen dentist wherever possible.

Denplan Essentials
At Ringley Park, our Denplan Essentials Plan allows you to spread the cost of your dental check-ups and hygiene appointments, meaning you’ll always have the care you need when you need it. This preventative approach also means we can detect problems early, avoiding painful issues or costly dental work down the line.

With four tiers available, you can choose between Options A to D, each with slightly different inclusions and monthly costs, helping you to tailor the plan to your needs. All include regular check-ups and hygiene appointments and 10% off qualifying treatments to enhance your smile. To see a quick comparison of these options simply visit our Denplan Essentials page.

Starting your dental plan
Currently, the dentists at our practice offering Denplan Essentials are Caroline Bromley, Henk Freeke, and Simon Burgess. You can choose the dentist of your choice and state the plan you’d wish to sign up for, with plans starting from as little as £28.83 per month.

To find out more about Denplan Essentials visit
Or, to sign up contact a member of our team at 01737 240123 or email us at